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My reason is to make a difference in the health wellness of those people that I care about. My passion is in prevention, sharing educating people on the importance of proper nutrition and WHY we need to supplement and WHY liquid supplements are superior. I truly believe that if you give your body the essential nutrients, which we are not getting in our foods today, that our bodies can and will heal themselves. When you have a symptom, it is your body's way of telling you something is out of balance. Vemma is my body guard and American Express card... "I never leave home without it" Read Success Profile

Quitting is NOT an Option

I am so thrilled to be driving a new Mercedes Benz paid for by Vemma. Thank you Vemma!!! When I took the focus off myself and started working with and helping my team, then things shifted. It was not long before I became car qualified. It has been two months now and I have to say, this is such an accomplishment, my trophy on wheels, so to speak.
If I can give one piece of advise..."Don't Quit" The only way you can fail at this business is to quit. I gave myself three years when I signed up and I have been with Vemma for 6 years now! I would not be driving this new company paid car had I quit!
This is not a get rich quick scheme. It's takes a little bit of work, or a lot if you have the time, and it takes persistence and consistency.
Just stay in the game, stay connected and do what successful people do and you will get what they got!
We have a duplicable system in place.. Just follow this roadmap and you can be successful too.
Your Health Matters,
Laura Alladeen aka Mama V


24-7 Company Overview

Got 10 minutes? Listen to this 24-7 Vemma Business/Product overview at your convenience.
If you are looking for a second stream of income, in the health & wellness industry with a company that has a proven track record, then you owe it to yourself to take a serious look at Vemma, the product and the company behind the product. It just keeps getting better and better. I am going on 4 years with this company and I love it!! Find out more and if this interests you, please contact me for more information.
Your Health Matters
Laura Alladeen
Brand Partner
Vemma Nutrition


Are You Throwing Your Money Down The Toilet?

Because Vemma is liquid, your body is able to absorb the key essential nutrients your body needs.
If you take pill or tablet supplements, studies show that at best, you only absorb 10-20% of whatever is listed on the label... You see, your body can not digest most ***** and or tablets.
Studies are recommending liquid nutritional supplementation as a viable way of getting the nutrients in our bodies...
Vemma is physican formulated and clincally studied for absorption! Vemma is absorbed 98%!!!
Vemma is your body guard. For less than a starbucks a day, you can help keep the doctor away. Give it a try...You will love the way you look and feel.


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